Friday, February 8, 2013

After Hurricane Sandy, it's important to choose the right New Jersey architectural firm

In the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, Salvatore Santoro Architects has taken the time to share some insight into its efforts to restore the Jersey Shore to the greatness it once was. Salvatore Santoro Architects has years of expertise in the world of architectural design and is known for its strict adherence to local, state and national building codes and a commitment to getting things done right.
Their dedication makes it vital to ensure each and every project they dive into adheres to the new FEMA regulations and guidelines regarding building heights and flood zone changes. Their state licensed architects have spent countless hours working directly with FEMA. FEMA's message is clear: If you're going to rebuild, build higher and stronger. With this simple principle in mind, Salvatore Santoro Architects have freshly educated themselves on these post-hurricane flood zone re-mappings and building codes and have shared a few with us.

• Elevating the structure or building to above the new ABFE;
• Eliminating basements;
• Raising crawl space elevations;
• Installing FEMA-approved, and IBC endorsed flood vents; and/or
• Elevating mechanical devices such as hot water heaters, boilers, furnaces, etc.

The Lakewood, NJ based firm specializes in residential and commercial architecture and will work with you from start to finish to ensure these requirements and more are implemented to prevent the disaster as a result of Hurricane Sandy. Superstorm Sandy may have passed, but the damage is still prevalent throughout the entire state of New Jersey. Whether it is Monmouth or Ocean CountySalvatore Santoro Architects is committed to not only restoring the homes, buildings and complexes that have beautified New Jersey but to inform and educate the residents of FEMA's new guidelines.

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Salvatore Santoro Architects are on the Cutting Edge when it comes to the New FEMA Regulations Pertaining to the Jersey Shore

In response to the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy, the Federal Emergency Management Agency is expected to increase the required heights of buildings, as well as expand the flood zones all along the New Jersey coast.  

This storm caused extensive damage in the area, which costs the insurance companies a tremendous amount of money. The property and home owners located in this region need to be aware of this possibility, and plan for it if they are going to rebuild their properties. 

The new building codes are expected to be much more strict and require much higher elevations on the New Jersey shoreline. If a property owner was to rebuild without taking that into account, it is thought that an average home in the area would see their home owners and flood insurance increase by as much as, $30,000 per year. 

Neil Byrne, a construction official and certified flood plain manager for Sea Isle City was quoted by the Press of Atlantic City as saying “In all likelihood, they will change the building heights.”

Salvatore Santoro Architects LLC has a long and reputable history in New Jersey for many years now. They have designed virtually every type of property, from extremely large commercial projects, to individual custom residential homes. 

Their reputation is impeccable, and they have placed themselves on the frontline when it comes to understanding and implementing the new building regulations that FEMA will soon announce. In fact, they have already designed a new home which will be located on Ortley Beach, NJ based on the new regulations that anybody can view if they stop by their office. 

Salvatore Santoro Architects LLC offers free consultations to any property owner that believes that they could be affected by the new regulations. In the meeting, they will explain to you exactly what is going to take place, and how to protect your investments. 

For more information about Salvatore Santoro Architects LLC, please visit their website using the link provided.

3 Story mixed use apartment building by Lakewood's Own Salvatore Santoro Architects LLC


Salvatore Santoro Architects

New, Larger Project - Salvatore Santoro Architects

One of our larger projects is finally being built went to inspect the footings the other day. It's on route 9 in howell across from shoprite.

Salvatore Santoro Architects LLC

New Jersey Architect Salvatore Santoro

Here's a new home design for Ortley Beach, NJ. The property is currently classified as an "A" zone but due to the probability that FEMA will classify it as a "V" zone when the Advisory Base flood elevations is redrafted the home will be designed on pilings. The ground floor will be an unihabitable garage. The house will be built on a piling foundation and the first floor finished elevation will be 9'-6" above grade.

Salvatore Santoro Architects

Salvatore Santoro Architects LLC

Need help navigating the new construction regulations on the shore? Do you need to raise your house? Call us today we can help that's what we do! We are here to design and guide you through this difficult process. Office 732-370-9555 or cells #s 732-740-0354 / 732-556-7388 PLEASE SHARE and help a local business restore the shore!

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